Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Thrift stores are great places to shop for Christmas decorations. An abundance of gently used products dot the shelves at holiday time. Perfect for those on a budget. Things generally cost between fifty cents to five dollars. And you won’t see these items coming and going like you would at a big box store. Here are just a few of the unique items I found on a visit to my local neighborhood thrift. 

So if you’re in a decorating mode for this Christmas, don’t forget to check out your local thrift stores too.


  1. Tom's wanting to do a garage sale next Saturday ... and I'm throwing in the BIG old artificial tree and decorations. If it sells for $10, great. Otherwise, it's Goodwill city.

    My DIL is a great huntress in thrift stores; I'm looking forward to tagging along in 2018 and learning a thing or two.

  2. Such great finds at the thrift store!


  3. I like all of your thrift store decorations - especially the fireplace, the teacup with the mouse, and Santa Claus.
    I have a box of old decorations in the garage and I am planning to dig them out this weekend (it will be a huge excavation process).

  4. What great thrifting store of choice seems to be Goodwill. The other thrifting store close by has gotten really crazy on their prices.

  5. I love thrift stores for looking for my transferware and don't know where I would put another Christmas decor item in my house LOL