Monday, June 20, 2016


When thrifting… scouting out your next location is always fun… particularly during the hot summer months. The reason why is Garage Sales. They are everywhere. You can not afford to overlook them if you thrift.  Lots of bargains are out there waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately the problem is...  finding them. It can become quite a chore. Garage Sale signs are notoriously small and usually unreadable at intersections. So if you have a smart phone using a special app, or just type in the words Garage or Yard Sale in your search engine, it can lead you to your destination much quicker. They have maps to point you in the right direction and  they list the items available at each place. It’s a great resource. So imagine my surprise when that technology MISSED an important spot during a recent outing of mine. Pray tell... a local church in the town I was visiting was having a BIG sale. So... I parked the car when I saw their sign... LARGER than life,  and ventured closer for a look-see. People were hauling out all kinds of GOOD stuff. I was impressed by what I saw leaving. So I went inside in  search of some things I wanted. The BIG stuff  hugged the walls and tables were set up in the middle of the gym. I started working my way around the room.  When my arms got too full to carry stuff, I discovered chivalry isn’t dead. Nice gentleman there... offered me a cardboard box, to put things in and then carried it for me,  until I was done shopping. Then a lady rang me up… the old fashioned way... adding and subtracting the totals in her head, without the aid of a calculator. When I paid her what I owed… another lady was designated to carry  my purchases out to my car. Curbside service, imagine that?   And for bigger items like furniture… guys from the church with pickup trucks were willing to load and deliver. Definitely worth the trip. Another man’s trash is another man's treasure. THRIFTY finds GALORE. Take a peek below at some of the offerings they had there.  

Books, Plates, Knicknacs, Computer Equipment, etc.
(prices varied from five cents to fifty dollars)

(thirty-five dollars)

(five dollars)


(two for twenty-five)

and Santa had lots of 
in his BAG for everyone. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Cost $4.19

It is that time of year. June brides. June weddings. Most ladies have planned months in advance for the special occasion... Organizing it down to the last detail, hoping everything goes off without a hitch, culminating in the most romantic day of their lives. But, for those women just engaged... the process is just beginning. And first and foremost on every bride’s mind is the DRESS she’ll wear walking down the aisle. Picking the perfect one can be costly... throwing a wrench into the budget for the reception.  Thrift stores and Resale Boutiques are the perfect place for brides-to-be to scope out a unique Wedding Dress for their nuptials. And the prices will knock your socks off.  You’ll have plenty of extra cash on hand to splurge on a dream honeymoon or down payment for a house. And if you are a more mature lady looking to renew your vows you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what is available for you too.

PS) Please note I am fully clothed under the dress. That is why it looks a bit bulky. The beadwork on it is unbelievable. So beautiful.