Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Cost $4.19

It is that time of year. June brides. June weddings. Most ladies have planned months in advance for the special occasion... Organizing it down to the last detail, hoping everything goes off without a hitch, culminating in the most romantic day of their lives. But, for those women just engaged... the process is just beginning. And first and foremost on every bride’s mind is the DRESS she’ll wear walking down the aisle. Picking the perfect one can be costly... throwing a wrench into the budget for the reception.  Thrift stores and Resale Boutiques are the perfect place for brides-to-be to scope out a unique Wedding Dress for their nuptials. And the prices will knock your socks off.  You’ll have plenty of extra cash on hand to splurge on a dream honeymoon or down payment for a house. And if you are a more mature lady looking to renew your vows you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what is available for you too.

PS) Please note I am fully clothed under the dress. That is why it looks a bit bulky. The beadwork on it is unbelievable. So beautiful.


  1. My precious DIL discovered her own wedding gown at Goodwill. She's still the prettiest bride I recall having seen.
    Crazy what young ladies (and their parents) are shelling out for new.

  2. Dress looks great on you! It is amazing what people will spend on a dress they may only wear once. I agree, keep wedding expenses minimal and enjoy a nice honeymoon!


  3. There is absolutely no reason to spend a hard-earned fortune on wedding attire. Thrift store items are just as good and many times real treasures can be found. The dress you're wearing in the photo looks wonderful!