Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The glasses in my kitchen cabinet have served me well. But for whatever reason... one after another has broken and I no longer have a full set. So it was time to replace them. First place I looked for different ones were the local thrift stores. It was there I got my daughter some unique glasses when she moved into her new home last year. Thrifts repurpose glasses with a zeal. They have a wide assortment of colors and styles. And are easy on your pocketbook. From retro , modern, traditional or funky… they have you covered. And amazingly they have full sets of 4, 6 or 8 glasses, good to go. Prices vary from twenty-five or fifty cents a piece, then up to $5 for the groups. But buyer beware if you buy glasses at thrift stores. Packaging is tricky to get them home.  To keep the glasses together as one unit, they often put clear packing tape  on them. While it works to hold them all  together, it can cause breakage if you’re not careful when pulling the tape off to separate them.  And if you buy the glasses individually, ask for a box to put them in so they don’t bang into each other in a bag and break. But please don’t let these little annoyances bother you or distract you from your mission. You’ll have fun picking and choosing what glasses  you want at a thrift store. And the vintage ones will bring a smile to your face as you recall childhood memories with mom and dad at the dinner table.

 PS) Dollar stores are another good place to look for glasses but the selection is not as varied. So I chose thrifts to do my shopping. 


  1. I have noticed a lot of complete sets of glasses, as well as dishes, at thrift stores. Great collection of glasses you have :) We're in the process of changing over our dishes/glasses for complete sets. We bought the glasses in January at Big Lots; what we wanted at a good price. Haven't gotten around to doing it yet, though. Maybe this weekend (or not).


  2. Great tips on getting your purchases home in one piece! I tend to choose my coffee cups by the mood I'm in at the time ... but our drinking glasses are bleah boring. Maybe a schnazy, eclectic goblet would make drinking water more interesting?

  3. I just bought some glasses at Walmart not to long ago cause all mine had gotten broke. But I was thinking of going to Goodwill and look for some tomorrow, since I am wanting some smaller juice glasses. I love to thrift!