Sunday, December 11, 2016


Basic necessities are a part of life. But never  more so in the winter. ‘Baby it’s COLD outside’…  rings true in most places across the country right now. So keeping yourself bundled up is a priority. Gloves are essential. Finding an affordable pair that allows you to access your cell phone’s touch screen can be a bit of a challenge. And very pricey. I’ve seen some pairs of gloves at $25 and up. But at Goodwill I found a pair to not only suit my budget at $3.99 but also my fashion sense and handle the touch screen on my phone too. And most importantly they are comfy, cozy and very WARM. Perfect compliment to my Old Navy coat and they speak to the season as well. This is my THRIFTY FIND for the holidays.


  1. I'm in LOVE with the buttons on your 'new' gloves! Vintage rocks!!!
    (Mostly, I'm jealous of your cold weather - LOL.)

  2. Got to keep the fingers and hands warm! Great find!


  3. I'm glad you found a pair of gloves to keep you warm this winter season. They're cute, along with your coat. And I love this picture of you enjoying a warm drink in your Snowman cup. :) Merry Christmas, Taryterre.

    love, ~Sheri