Friday, July 1, 2016


Finding women’s pants when thrifting can be quite a challenge. I continually strike out. While hundreds of slacks and jeans are out there on the racks  in the stores… unlike shirts and tops… pants are typically not current when it comes to styles, fabrics and fit. It is the Thrift Store’s Achilles Heel. Today women want their pants to have  a modern fit with  spandex, shorter inseams, skinny legs and be more form fitting around the booty. What is available thrifting... by and large... are bell bottoms, wide hemmed , pleated fronts,  boot cut,  baggy, polyester, outdated trousers. It is frustrating to say the least. Especially if you are looking for bargain basement prices and something that fits the bill... or your booty... as the case may be. But it IS the reality that awaits you thrifting. Slim pickings, pants wise. So compromising becomes a necessity. I concede... I resort to retail store purchases to fill in this part of my wardrobe. But trousers are pricey and that higher price tag scores a direct hit on the checkbook. So I am always on the lookout for a sale.  Imagine my surprise when I found one… too good to be true. The pants were a well known brand associated with a major retailer. They list for $26.99. Too steep for me to bite, at first glance. But the sale marked them down to $18, then $13 according to the ticket. That made the pants… two for the price of one. A good deal. I picked up two pairs and headed to check out. As the clerk rang them up… an unexpected surprise… made my day. The scanner showed them costing only $7.00 a piece. Again… two for the price of one… but at an even lower price point. A fabulous THRIFTY FIND hiding out in a retail store, not a thrift one. While I’m SOLD on THRIFTING, repurposing and recycling… I am willing to forgo this guilty pleasure… every once in a while… if the PRICE IS RIGHT. Retail needs to pony up better deals for consumers. This time it did.


  1. Even for men, pants are a difficult thing to deal with. Styles are constantly changing. When I look at photos of the hideous pants I proudly wore when I was in my early 20's, it's beyond horrifying. Best to eliminate all fads and stick to conservative styles.
    You got an incredible bargain with that drastic mark-down.

  2. You did get a great bargain! I agree with you, it can be slim pickings for pants/shorts at bargain stores. I usually will buy those at a regular store on sale and get tops, sweaters, etc. at the bargain ones.


  3. Trousers are my Achilles Heel as well! I've only found two brands that sit nicely at my natural waist line ... and for whatever reason, both are no longer in business. Knock wood, I've had moderate success finding them once in a blue moon on eBay.