Saturday, January 28, 2017


One of the places I seldom mention for you to thrift at is eBay. At eBay everything you can imagine is for sale. However, I have found shipping and handling costs to be outrageous so I usually discount (pardon the pun)  them in my day to day searches. But the truth is… I shop there, more often than not, for small items… that are easily packaged and relatively cheap to send.  Particularly jewelry. I have been able to pick up some stunning pieces on the cheap for some quality stuff. And no one knows I didn’t buy it new or it was not left to me by my Aunt Lilly. Then… there is the jewelry that is just novel and fun, costume pieces that come from places like China, India, Malaysia and Thailand, even Russia. The stuff all ladies have to have in their jewelry box. For instance you can get a CZ or GEMSTONE ring in a sterling or rhodium plated setting that look pricey for only pennies on the dollar with FREE shipping. The only problem is you must NOT be in a hurry. Trust me you’ll go antsy waiting. These items can take a month or two to be delivered. Tracking the packages is iffy also. And so is returning something. So buyer beware. Another quick reminder… is to be sure you get item dimensions… before you purchase an overseas item… because stone sizes can be way off. I have found them to be too big mostly… garish or gaudy at times, though the photo showed them to be proportional to the ring finger. But if you like flash and panache, you’ll be in heaven. Getting a bargain is always nice and shopping eBay can be like thumbing through catalogs for hours on end. And when you find the right item at the right price you can do a happy dance when you push that BUY IT NOW button. It’s the thrill of the hunt that always makes the purchase worthwhile in the end. Admit it people... you know it's true. 

The ring with the red garnets and lab opal only cost $7.81.
The others were $5.00 a piece. The chain and pendant $10.
No kidding. 


  1. There are good finds on eBay, but you are right, it can be expensive with shipping and other costs. My MIL had a lot of jewelry, I don't wear any, so when it was time to pass her things on, when we had an estate sale someone came asking about jewelry. We weren't ready to part with it yet, having not sorted it out, etc., so we got her number and set up an appt a few weeks later. She took all of it, which was fairly substantial (except for a few items like wedding rings, diamond necklaces that were kept in the family) and gave us a pretty good amount of money. I'm sure she made a fortune on eBay or other sites as she would know better what things would have been worth. Who knows, you might have even bought some of it :)


  2. I had to do a double take at that garnet ring ... mother had one nearly identical!
    I'm not especially fond of jewelry, but have had pretty good luck with eBay. The "thrill of the hunt"? So true!!!