Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Now that the calendar has changed… and the New Year is upon us, everyone is searching for a healthier lifestyle, to undo the ravenous appetites… we all had at the holidays. Traditionally folks get memberships in health clubs, begin exercising, start  to follow diets from Atkins, Weight Watcher’s and Nutri System or the latest fad. And sometimes we buy books... that turn into bestsellers, to outline a new plan to approach food in a better way. Resolutions and I always have a parting by February  when Valentine’s Day candies dot the landscape. But I thought READING a BOOK might just be the motivation I need... to prolong the lose weight inspiration, my heart is hearing... when cravings hit and I get weak in the knees. And to save some MONEY to do it… I shopped for those books at thrifts. Pickings were not good anywhere except Goodwill. Lots of books to be had there... and two caught my eyes. For $1.98 I got  motivation bundled and bound. No crunches needed. At Amazon I would have paid alot more. So if the DIET thing does NOT work out... I can re-donate these... so nothing is lost by the purchase. Therefore BOOKS are my THRIFTY FIND  for the week. Do you shop thrifts for books?  


  1. I think I had that book Flat Belly Diet one time. Not sure why I didn't end up following it. Good luck with whatever plan you choose :)

    I don't buy books at thrift stores these days. Nowadays, I just download free books to my tablet that are offered at various sites. Once in awhile I will splurge and buy a book for 99 cents.


  2. Good idea!
    I'm smiling, on account several or more of my own diet books are sitting gathering dust over at Goodwill.

    FYI, my home computer bit the dust last night, so my posting and commenting may be hit or miss.