Tuesday, January 10, 2017


With the new year upon us…  retailers are quick to get the next holiday merchandise out there in the shops. And so are thrift stores. Here where I live… the day after Christmas… they all had Valentine’s Day & Easter spoken for with candies, stuffed animals, figurines, baskets,  flowers and vases.  Thrifting these things is not only cost effective, but it gives you a variety of more unique items to choose from… instead of the cookie cutter pieces, you  find in major retail markets.  

I love shopping and  found a few things that spoke to me…  for HEART DAY as I call it, but have not bought for Easter, quite yet. I think it’s a bit early but perhaps I’m wrong. These folks who man the stores must know something about shopping trends. Is EARLIER better? Perhaps so? There is no question inventory is pumped up right now and lots of choices are out there to be had. But… they will likely become depleted, more so in the thrifting world, the closer and closer we get to the holidays. So sit down… and make a list of what you need BEFORE you head out thrifting.

 The merchandise when  shopping for  ‘repurposed’ things may be a bit more disorganized on the shelves… but picking through them is half the fun. You’ll see plenty of Easter or Valentine’s goodies to choose from that will be easy on your pocketbook… and delight your sensibilities.  


  1. True, that!
    'Wish I took the time and care to decorate for each holiday. The last 12 months finds me purging with a passion around our home.

    But you know what? Taking another look at your second image, there's NO reason I can't find a few knick-knacks at Goodwill to adorn my desktop.

  2. Such cute items on display! I've not really decorated for any other holiday other than Christmas, so I won't be looking for any bargains, but I'm sure there are many out there waiting for those that are planning to decorate!


  3. Sure enough, our local Walmart was stocked with Valentine items the day after Christmas (and so was the Dollar Store). I haven't seen any Easter stuff yet. Easter arrives late this year (mid-April)but I'm sure the candy will be available soon.

    I'll admit it, I have a penchant for Easter bunnies (like the ones in your photo). I'll probably add another to my collection...