Monday, May 16, 2016


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My frenzied thrifting mode has transcended the realm of for profit stores like Value World and Savers. Also local church, neighborhood and hospital charity shops. Not to mention the major players… Goodwill, Vincent St. De Paul, Salvation Army. And… fashionable resale BOUTIQUES that are out and about in every community. Instead of traipsing through the litany of those stores… I started armchair traveling to the hotspots. The internet became my new playground for thrifting. While I’ve hit upon the ONLINE thrifters like ThredUp , eBay, Nifty Thrifty, Gone-Tomorrow, The Attic, and… an ugly truth has emerged. The shipping charges to get the product home to you… makes the thrifting purchases online far more costly. And it negates the bargain basement deals, you'd find in person, shopping up close and personal. Just for an example… I was charged a $9 almost $10, shipping and handling charge… for a store to mail me the sterling silver necklace I purchased. And they did not include insurance. Seriously how much does a necklace weigh? Another sale cost almost $20 to ship me a couple coffee mugs. I found that ridiculous. In both cases the item price was far LESS than the shipping. Truth is… it is highway robbery…. Pure and simple. Shipping costs these days are beyond outrageous. USPS is more expensive than it should be with their PRIORITY MAIL BOXES. And so is Fed Ex and UPS. Then if you add in the handling charges, the price skyrockets even more. And it makes thrifting online, less desirable to someone hunting for a deal, in my humble opinion. In the long run… buying local makes more sense. So... I’m curtailing my online fun, and heading back down the real road, instead of the virtual one, looking for some better THRIFTY FINDS.


  1. Shipping and handling is incredibly outrageous nowadays. I've used Priority Mail numerous times and was astounded at the cost.

    Hey, how about 50 cents for one postage stamp??? I remember when they were 5 cents - - and Air Mail was 8 cents (am I old, or what?)

  2. I wish I'd more time to shadow you! Retail has become a dinosaur ... about time, IMHO!

    Whenever possible, I avoid the U.S. Postal Service like the plague. (Been burned more than once.) Even so, I paid almost $45 last week to send a book and important papers to my son via UPS.

  3. That's why I stopped buying things on eBay years ago; the shipping costs. Everyone was resorting to the priority mail boxes from the postal service and regardless were charging you that price, no matter if it was one item shipped or multiple items. I was mainly buying clothes off there since the deals were reasonable, but not when the shipping costs started going up and away.


  4. Shipping costs are out of sight. Local buying is the way to go.

  5. I hear ya......shipping and handling charges are way too expensive. That's one of the reasons I don't buy anything through the mail. I think you driving to the local thrift store is a much better way to go.